The biggest media group in tech niche in Ukraine with 4.5 mln monthly audience

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Creators Media Group

Our Projects

PR and storytelling for Web3 and tech brands globally

100 mln

audience collaborations
were organized



International crypto community


Twitter followers


crypto newsletter subscribers

1.5 mln

monthly reach

The largest tech community in Ukraine

3.2 mln

users monthly

8.5 mln

article views monthly


social media subscribers

Top website on tech business in Ukraine

1.2 mln

users monthly

3 mln

article views monthly


social media subscribers

Community of developers


unique users per month


article views monthly

3 mln

total reach of all
Facebook posts

PR and storytelling for Web3 and tech brands globally

We help projects grow through collaborations, influence, PR, and best marketing tools

Our Services

International PR and
content strategy

  • Preparing a strategy of media mentions, which includes: developing brand awareness, creating newsbreaks, and working on tone of voice.
  • Writing high-quality materials by a team of professional journalists.
  • The process of negotiating agreements with top media on the publication of materials on a free and paid basis.
  • Control of material production and strategic work on brand awareness.
  • We have experience in PR with the largest IT and business media, such as Forbes, The Next Web, TechCrunch, Business Insider, and others.

Content creation
and storytelling

  • Corporate media or blogging by a team of professional journalists.
  • Writing press releases.
  • Preparing content for social networks and blogs.
  • Assistance in writing the brand story and white paper.

Collaborations: Influence

  • Our expertise is collaborating with bloggers and projects free of charge. We are able to agree on mutual PR activities, AMA sessions, joint quests, and giveaways.
  • For each collaboration, we develop a strategy that includes three or more integrations of different types.
  • Just recently, we have done free collaborations with 100+ pages and a total audience of 4.500.000+.

Organic growth
on Twitter

  • Effective work with Twitter algorithms, which allows to organically increase the number of subscribers, the reach of publications, the engagement of the audience, and the overall activity on the page.
  • On a daily basis, we analyze trends and hashtags, prepare a dynamic content plan, and work on getting content into recommendations.

Social media and
community management

  • Content creation: we create trendy content about your project and other community points of interest to help grow community and engagement.
  • Community management: we become the voice of your project and engage the community in meaningful conversations.
  • Activity launches, gamification, and quests for the audience.
  • We organize effective collaborations with other projects and influencers.
  • We help with organic page growth.


  • Web3, blockchain, and crypto are niches that need a special approach to search engine optimization.
  • We take into account the special requirements of Google when working on the link mass, content, and technical parts.
  • We have extensive experience working with niches that are not on the Google whitelist.

Creators Media Group’s total audience

100 000

newsletter subscribers

4.5 mln

users per month

142 000

Facebook followers

151 000

YouTube subscribers

63 000

Twitter subscribers

21 000

subscribers on Telegram


The audience of Creators Media Group is made up of active people who work in the IT and business spheres and are interested in Web3 and crypto

Timeline of our growth as a media group



began to help clients with international PR



launched business media



gained the first half of a million users on



launched Highload - media for developers



bought ITC - media about IT



became the largest IT media group



launched buidlbee - crypto media and community



started helping projects with promotion on the Web3 market



Media group with 5,000,000 unique visitors per month

Successful marketing cases in the niches of NFT games, crypto exchanges, and DeFi


Media group with 4,500,000 unique visitors per month

Successful marketing cases in the niches of NFT games, crypto exchanges, and DeFi

We made projects for:


Global Brands

IT companies

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